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T H E    S T O R Y:

The Purposerosa Balilujah collection is inspired by our  magnificent travels to Bali. We created the term Balilujah, a hybrid of the words "Bali" and "hallelujah", to describe the wonder and gratitude our experience gifted us. Our trip was saturated with majestic views of rice fields, succulent fruit, delicious cuisine, thrilling adventure, and best of all, kind people who made us feel at home.

For us, the creative will to make something from nothing was without a doubt, one of the most defining characteristics of Bali natives. Repurposing is so naturally  integrated into all aspects of their everyday lives. We saw brooms made of dried palm leaves, holy offerings made with discarded flowers and papaya stems used as straws.

This collection honors the Balinese spirit of creativity. We used ordinary materials in surprisingly new ways, and we kept it real- real chili peppers, real images of grass, and yes, synthetic hair because you gotta have fun with it!


Modeled by Anjali Benjamin
Photographed by Nicholas Nichols, Yannique Hall, and Yarminiah Rosa
Video shot and edited by Yarminiah Rosa
Thank you to our dear friend Komang for welcoming us as family and sharing the many wonders of  your native land including luwak coffee and mangosteen fruit!